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Hello, all!

I'm posting a new, un-f-locked post just to say hello to anyone who comes to check out this journal, especially people dropping by from fanfiction events I'm participating in.

I'm very open to friending and pretty good at keeping up with people on my flist (or ... the ones I talk to semi-regularly anyway). BUT ... this journal has virtually nothing fannish. It's mostly me whining about life.

So, if you'd like to friend -- or just chat a little so we can get to know each other and maybe friend -- feel free to comment here. I'm sort of annoying. I talk too much (or ... type too much). I overanalyze. LET'S BE FRIENDS.

(This is just about the worst "selling yourself" post ever. I'm nice. Really. Awkward, but nice.)

We're such dorks

Happy Valentine's Day. Snow! No class! Yay!

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Peace out.