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Ambitious but Rubbish

how hard can it be? ...oh cock.

Curley Green
24 February
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Curley Green's Journal
I'm a sort of aimless undergrad majoring in Religious Studies (Religions of Europe and the Middle East) with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. Doesn't sound aimless? Just ask me what I'm going to do when I graduate. For now, I split my time between Austin, TX and the suburbs outside D.C., making money where I can (but never again in food service).

Meanwhile, I keep a LiveJournal to complain about life, generally whine about anything and everything, and keep up with fannish interests. You're likely to see me lurking about the Harry Potter fandom, occasionally posting stories about Remus Lupin snogging Sirius Black. I've also written a bit of MASH fanfiction and occasionally poke my nose around the Lord of the Rings fandom, and, very rarely, a few other fandoms as well.

This is a personal, friends-locked journal, so if you're looking for all fandom all the time -- this isn't the place for it. But if you'd like to get to know me, read about my personal life ... comment. I'm pretty open to friending.

I'm just starting to get a fic journal together. Go check out curley_green .

I am over the age of 21.


"If you're coming back just because you're attracted to the shine of my neediness ... I'd be okay with that." -- House

The WeatherPixie

The WeatherPixie

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